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The Local Exterior Painting Experts

exterior painting danvers maOne of the biggest priorities that you have as a homeowner is keeping your home attractive and healthy. At Premier Painting, our painters can provide high quality exterior painting services in any of the North Shore, MA areas to help you keep your home in great condition and make sure that it's looking its best. Our professional painting contractors can help you select the best painting products for your home, make sure that your home is adequately prepared for painting, and provide you with prompt and professional workmanship.

All of our house painters are qualified professionals who are dedicated to providing our clients with the best materials, work, and customer service possible at every job that we perform. We have the skills, experience, and expertise to make sure that this project is completed promptly and professionally, and we'll also make sure that the paint job is beautiful and long-lasting. We know that your home is a vital part of your life, so we do whatever it takes to guarantee that you're totally satisfied with the work that we provide.

Call us today to schedule your residential exterior painting services, or to ask any questions you have about our services, and we'll be looking forward to working with you.

Our Exterior Painting Professionals

Painting your home's exterior is a daunting task, and it's very important that you know that the job is being performed by a professional you can trust. Any exterior features of your home are constantly exposed to weather and the elements and they're at risk of being damaged by mold, mildew, fungus, and other harmful substances. If a paint job is not performed by a qualified professional, it can prematurely peel, crack, or otherwise deteriorate because of constant exposure to these elements.

Our professionals will be able to ensure that your new paint job is performed to highest standards of quality. We'll make sure that your home's exterior surface is properly prepared so that the paint adheres adequately and lasts as long as possible.

Our House Painting Services Include:

  • House Painting
  • Deck Painting
  • Fence Painting
  • Patio Painting
  • Exterior Staining and Finishing
  • Exterior Wood Painting

During Every Exterior Painting Job, Our Professionals Will:

  • Take the time to plan ahead. We'll make sure that every part of the job is prepared for, down to the weather conditions.
  • Prepare your home. We'll sand and wash your home's exterior surface to help ensure the highest quality painting services possible.
  • Guarantee the best results. We'll use advanced products and procedures to guarantee the best possible outcomes.

Our Exterior 5 Years Maintenance Plan

Let's be frank. Many Painting companies make promises about how long their paint job is going to last. But unless they actually are the first company to put paint on your house, they will have no choice but to paint over someone else's paint job. This makes it difficult to be certain that the paint already on the house is not going to crack beneath your new paint job. We are going to make a promise to you that you will have no problems whatsoever with our paint job. Why? Because we will be back every Spring to do a FREE routine Touch-Up Service. You will receive a call from us during March or April to schedule your routine touch-up service. Our painting service tech will then show up on that date, look around for any areas that may need attention, and check with you for anything you may have concerns about. The only thing we may need to charge you for is if you run out of paint and we need to pick some more up.

Yearly Power Washing 50% Discount:

While we are there in the spring our Tech will perform any power-washing that you may have scheduled. 50% off is a tremendous benefit to get out customers to take advantage of keeping their home clean of mildew and dirt that may have accumulated on the painted surface.

After 5 Years: We will continue to contact you each spring to see if we can schedule a maintenance visit to do any painting touch-ups for a half day. At our current handyman rate that would be $152, and we will continue to offer our spring power-wash at a nice discount to our customers. By maintaining your paint job on a yearly basis, you can get 10 years out of your paint project. By year ten the house will probably be running into multiple minor issues, including fading, that would warranty getting another paint job. But consider the fact that your house's paint has been taken care of extremely well, that means any prep would be quite minor, therefore reducing the cost of a new paint job considerably.

*Please note: Our responsibility of servicing your exterior paint project is limited to normal, peeling or cracking in the paint, and not to some other kind of forces such as fallen trees, ice dam damage, barbecue soot, etc.. Those too we will be happy to service at our handyman rate.

**Any paint supplies that we need to purchase to do any touch-ups will be need to be paid for by the owner.

***Any fading of the color over time is not our responsibility. We will do our best to blend in any touch-ups, but some colors just have a tendency to fade over time.

If you would like an estimate for residential or commercial exterior painting, please call 978-532-7788 or complete our online request form.

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